Sunday, March 27, 2011

Where's Revere?

When my husband was home on leave, he and my Dad were chatting.  My Dad is a Minute Man re-en-actor, and the two like to banter about what was done back then for national security and what is done today.  My Dad came and gave a presentation for our FRG, about how the Minute Men were the original National Guard.

My husband sent us a picture of his rifle.  My Dad sent him a picture of his musket.  Last summer, we took a family trip to the Minute Man National Park, in Concord MA.  We had a great time, saw the North Bridge, talked to a great volunteer guide and the kids got cannonball candy.

One of the last business trips my Dad took last year, my daughter was upset he was going.  She gave him one of her small (actually, one of my TY's that she has managed to secure) pink bunnies for company.  While he was abroad, he took pictures everywhere of the bunny.  Sitting on a facility sign at a plant he was visiting, on the conveyor belt, sitting next to some local cuisine, posing in the foreground of a skyline.  It was a very cute idea and my Dad thought something similar could be done with my husband.

So while he was home, he gave him a small pewter Minute Man.  We debated on a name, I suggested Paul, but someone (who shall remain nameless) said it did not sound very colonial.  Until I pointed out that the name
Paul', was very famously paired with 'Revere'.  The name Revere was much more appreciated and as such, the pewter man now had a moniker.

Every so often, we get a random picture from my solider, featuring Revere.  Here are a few examples:

We all look forward to these little glimpses into his day, and get excited to see where Revere might pop up next.

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