Friday, January 21, 2011

Day Three

It's now Day Three of being sick.  Snow day, so the kidlet was helping to keep me company by playing cards, trying to stick the thermometer in my mouth and urging me to take the wrong medication for my cough.  She's cute.  She also wants to be entertained and that can be very hard while I am not well.  So we've read books, watched movies and I still cannot teach her how to shuffle cards.  The dexterity will come.  Jello is always good when one is under the weather and it appears it also doubles as a toy...

I got a couple phone calls from concerned friends, but typically when they hear me attempt to speak, they don't want to keep making me speak.  I appreciate that.  I'm starting to get restless, having sat on this sofa now for the better part of the past three days.  I hope my husband appreciates the new look of my backside when he gets home.

I have not heard from him recently, at least, not over the phone.  We were able to BBM for a bit today, but not too much.  I really want to talk to him, but I really would not be able to talk for too long.  And then he'd worry about me more, because... I -really- sound bad.  I have that deep down congestion that you hear from someone who has smoked for 80 years and their lungs start to shut down.  Hopefully I will start to improve over the next couple days and I will hear from him.  It always does a body good.

Right now the kidlet is reading over my shoulder and I had to explain what I meant by 'new look of my backside.'  Awkward...  The metaphor doesn't work as well when you have to spell it out.   Another thing we did today on the computer while we were hanging out, was to check out this site:

The site, sponsored by Xerox, allows you to send free printed post cards to military personnel stationed overseas.  There are a lot of hand drawn designs to pick from, designed by children all over.  You can pick from several options as your message, or you have 472 characters to write your own personalized message.  It's that easy to send service members a thank you and let them know that they are cared for and thought of.  We sent out several and had a blast doing it.  

It's really cute that my kidlet wants to take care of me while I am sick.  It helps me feel like I am doing a good job, despite my flubs.  I dread the day she stops telling I'm the best Mommy ever and starts glaring at me with her pre-teen or teen eyes.  So while I'm down for the count, I'm happy to indulge her in her doting efforts.  

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