Thursday, May 5, 2011

R&R and New Editions

A while ago, my husband came home for his R&R and we all had a great time.  Perhaps he and I had a wee bit too much of a good time as about three weeks later, I started to not feel so hot.  So I took a pregnancy test, and .... it was negative.  So I went about my business adjusting to life without my husband again.

Still, I had a feeling I could not shake, so I tested again.  I didn't see anything right away, so I washed up and went to toss it.  I gave it a quick second look... and coulda have sworn I saw a faint pink line.  Perhaps it was wishful thinking, I was not certain.  So I took a picture and sent it off to a couple friends.  Shortly after I got two confirmations from friends... yup, they saw a faint pink line too.  I sent it to my husband who replied that he could not really tell.

On my way to work that day I stopped and got a few more tests, including a digital one, which also read in bold letters, PREGNANT.  That one, my husband reported, was quite clear.  So I squealed with a couple of my friends and then hung in tight there for a while.  I have a history of loss and one pregnancy that resulted in a tumor.

A couple early ultrasounds and a series of blood tests and everything seems to be going to plan.  After a little while, though it was hard to keep it from everyone, so I ended up telling my co-workers and my parents, as it was not fair to all of them if something went wrong.

Approaching ten weeks, another appointment and a happy, squirming embryo was seen... I felt it was safe to tell the kids.  I made copies about a ten week pregnancy from babycenter, and folded them up and put them in large plastic eggs, which I included in the kids Easter goodies.  They all went for the big egg first.  Silence as they unfolded the paper, then as they read it.  Finally, my daughter was the first one to understand what was being prevented and she cried out, "Mommy is having a baby!!!"  Then she cried and came over and gave me a big hug.  Sweet.

They had some questions which I answered and we talked about wanting a boy or a girl.  For now, I am trying to share my pregnancy with my husband who is thousands of miles away.  Recently, I was having a bad day and my husband happened to call.  I sobbed on the phone with him, the poor guy.  He made the comment , "Wow honey you are  really hormonal now aren't you?"  Good thing he was so far away, cause that's not the nicest thing to say to a pregnancy lady.  :)  I felt bad, I have not cried that like when talking to him the entire deployment.  But I've been told that when it's your first year of marriage, you're pregnant and your husband is deployed you are entitled to a few good cries.

I have an upcoming US and I plan on buying a little cam corder to record it so I can send it to my husband so that he can watch as well.  I'm doing my best to try to include him as much as possible.

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